The 10 Best Landscaper Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Landscaper Websites On The Internet

When the quality of a business is based on aesthetics, then a pleasing website is essential. If I’m going to entrust my front or backyard to a company, I want to know they take aesthetics seriously. It better look amazing, and their website is the first sign if they care or not.

So, that’s why we wanted to find the best landscaper websites on the internet. We looked high and low around the United States to find the best of the best. This list is a compilation of the best landscaper websites we found. These are businesses that take their work seriously and know it’s important to show their clients they take their work seriously and can be trusted.

Browse this list of the best and get some inspiration for your landscape business website. If you put half as much effort into your website, then you’ll likely end up with something awesome. Some amazing pictures and a good web designer (we got you!) can work wonders to make your landscape business flourish.

Not only will potential clients be impressed and see that you care about making their yard beautiful, you’ll probably rank better in search engines too. Online marketing is a process and takes many things to make it work. Your landscape website is an essential part of that and these landscapers know it.

So, strive for the best and make sure your work shows brightly online. You want your clients to give you a call knowing you’re amazing at what you do. With an amazing landscape website, then you’ll be competing less on prices and more on superior work. It’s all in the website for what jobs you’re competing for and if you can blow your competition away not with a cheaper price but a higher quality.

You can position your business on quality, not price, through a high-quality, professional website just like these landscapers did. Take it from them: a professional website can work wonders for your business.

Now it’s time to get inspired. Check out this list of the best landscaper websites on the internet. You can get inspiration for your own website and then find the right website plan for your landscape business, so you can also have an amazing website.

The Best Landscaper Websites

Copying is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, maybe not outright copying, but using as inspiration. That’s why this list of the best landscaper websites will be great for you. Get an idea of what others are doing, so you might have an amazing landscape business website also.

Ready to get inspired on how you can build the best websites and attract more clients too? Let’s go!

Rockscapes – Salt Lake City, UT

Rockscapes - Salt Lake City, UT

Simplicity is the goal of this website which is usually the most effective for a beautiful and well-converting website. The website is divided into two parts, and anywhere you go on the website there’s a request a quote option available. Each section of the website is visually appealing with high quality images that let you see their work. That’s pretty important for a visual medium!

Overall they got simplicity, visual appeal, and conversion optimization figured out in one pleasing website package.

Kitchen Door Landscaping – Denver, CO

Kitchen Door Landscaping - Denver, CO

A bit of creativity goes a long way and this website nailed it with a blend of creative text layout and imagery too. Everything blends well for an extremely visually appealing website that’s not something you see every day. The header is a little more straightforward, which is good, so it doesn’t make you hunt. There’s clear and simple navigation with the get started button. That’s always nice to have available, so visitors know where to go next.

As you scroll down the website, it’s full of helpful information that’s reinforced with fitting photos. If their website is indicative of their work, you’re going to get something great.

Nelson Landscaping – Oklahoma City, OK

Nelson Landscaping - Oklahoma City, OK

There’s a lot of information available on this website, but it’s presented in a clear and pleasant way. The subtle color used at the top guides your eye to the request a quote button, which is helpful for making sure visitors know how to convert. As you scroll down there are good photos as well as a video to really tell visitors about the business.

Overall the website is well-built for conversion with exactly the right amount of information available and all presented clearly and easy to scan. That’s because people don’t read websites, they skim them.

WhyNoTurf – Lubbock, TX

WhyNoTurf - Lubbock, TX

There’s absolutely nothing not unique about this website. The use of only black, white, and green really makes important messages stand out on the site. Not only that, but the word turf really sticks with the green T throughout the site. And for conversion, let’s chat! That’s always a helpful call to action because everyone knows that that means.

The website is beyond simple which is exactly what’s needed to make the right information stand out. It’s all reinforced with amazing pictures. We simply love the use of the most simple color palette that makes this website achieve the perfect balance of simple and helpful.

More Than Gardens – Westbury, NY

More Than Gardens - Westbury, NY

The color scheme on this website definitely puts you at ease with gentle pastels that work together. While there maybe a few too many colors, it still doesn’t seem to take away from the overall design. It helps that the navigation is almost entirely a call to action with the most important first.

You’ll find all the necessary information to know you want to work with them, and it’s all organic too.

Local Roots Landscaping – Pittsburgh, PA

Local Roots Landscaping - Pittsburgh, PA

There’s a lot of information on the home page as you scroll down but with the large headers, it’s easy to find what you need. Not only that, but right at the top you know what to do to get a quote. The only thing I think they could have done without is the big orange now hiring link, I think someone looking for a job could find it in the footer just fine.

It’s nice to see reviews for a little social proof and to know their process before working with them is helpful. One of the most important aspects of any business is to set expectations and make sure customers know what to expect and are comfortable. Their websites does everything it needs to do and more while looking good too.

Coastal Landscapes – Virginia Beach, VA

Coastal Landscapes - Virginia Beach, VA

This website has a unique elegance to it that makes you think of luxurious landscaping that makes you feel comfortable. The ginormous home at the top helps get that feel across. What do they want you to do? Call! That’s a good enough call-to-action for us because I’m sure customers know what to do. If they want a little more info before calling, it’s right there in their simple navigation.

As you scroll down the home page, each section is well-designed for simplicity and readability. The pictures support their work and are blended well with each section’s copy. The subtle use of animations also draws your attention to important information. It’s a well-built website with simplicity and elegance built right in.

Terrain Landscaping Co. – Lexington, KY

Terrain Landscaping Co. - Lexington, KY

This may be our favorite website from this list of the best landscaper websites. Why? Because it has just enough color variation without being too complex, the information is present clearly with plenty of white space to make it clear, and the images breaking up the page are beautiful. As you scroll down the page, the movement really keeps you focused and scrolling more with huge headers telling you what each section is about. The images aren’t used as a side note either; they’re a huge, beautiful part of the website used as a divider between sections.

There’s one major call-to-action on the website, and it’s likely what everyone is looking for. Our only issue with the call-to-action is that it opens a new tab off of their website. That’s not the ideal way to gather information from a customer. But, the website itself is really well-designed, and we appreciate the boldness and simplicity of it.

Landmark Custom Landscape – Irvine, CA

Landmark Custom Landscape - Irvine, CA

One image shrinks while the other grows as you scroll. It’s definitely a great way to emphasize what you’re looking at and make things really stand out. You also get a really cool video tour of some of their designs. You know what would be even cooler? If the video showed the designs they morphed into the final landscape. It’s pretty easy to know what to do next also with the big call-to-action button right up top.

As you scroll down the website it tells a great story. While the video at the top of the home page doesn’t show you both the design and finished product, there’s plenty as you scroll. Videos show some great drone footage of their work and the pictures let you see how some of those designs turned out. The website looks beautiful and puts the work front and center while telling their story of what they’re going to do for you.

Ken Griffin Inc. – Gulf Breeze, FL

Ken Griffin Inc. - Gulf Breeze, FL

This website has the right information at the top to convert well. From the phone number to the quote, it’s easy to take action. The rest of the website is clear with plenty of images to show you their work and tell their story. While the call-to-action isn’t easily accessible everywhere on the site, it’s there in the menu which does help.

You’ll find this website has a great home page with organization and clear information; it just needs a bit more carried throughout the website. It’s still a great landscaper website.

Wrap Up

We hope you got some inspiration and ideas from these amazing landscaper websites. Hopefully we were able to give you some direction and ideas of what makes these the best landscaper websites on the internet. We’re always on the lookout for the best websites to help you improve your landscape business, look better online, and get more clients online.

If you’re trying to take your landscape business to the next level, we’d be happy to work with you to design an affordable and professional website for your landscape business. A well-built website that loads fast, looks great, and is built for conversion can help rank your landscape business in search results and get you more clients.

A website built for conversion will bring more clients to your business and build trust with potential clients. Our goal is to always build your website to rank locally, convert visitors, and build trust with potential clients.

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