The 10 Best House Painter Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best House Painter Websites On The Internet

There’s someone in my neighborhood who’s a painter and design company for homes. It’s a new neighborhood that’s somewhat cookie-cutter but not as bad as some new neighborhoods with a lack of uniqueness. I know they’re a painter and designer because they park their trailer in front of their home with all their business information.

They also decided the new home built less than 2 years ago needed a new paint job so that’s exactly what they did. The problem is, they chose the most horrendous of an eyesore navy blue with light trim. Don’t get me wrong, I love blue and especially navy blue. But for a house, it looks awful.

What’s the point of this story?

How you present your painting business to the public determines if people will trust you.

That could be as simple as your painting and design business trailer parked out in front of your house advertising that you chose these ugly colors. Or, it could be your home painting website that is ugly, outdated, or just poorly designed.

That’s not a problem with these house painter websites which are the best of the best. We looked at aesthetics, conversion optimization, and other factors to find the best house painter websites on the internet.

While not all of these websites are perfect, they are some of the best. We scoured up and down the United States to find these house painter websites, so you can gain inspiration and ideas of how you might approach your painting business website.

Your painting website can either make or break your business. It lends trust and authority to your business and is a great way to show off that you can be a valuable partner to your customers in choosing the best color palette and helping them create their dream-colored home.

You can read a bit about why we chose each website whether it had amazing aesthetics or was so well optimized for conversion that good aesthetics was enough to put it into the best category.

A good website looks good and more importantly, helps visitors convert to customers in the most efficient way possible. Working with a website designer that knows how to design for conversion and aesthetics is essential to the success of your painting business and getting more customers online.

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the best house painter websites on the internet.

Best House Painter Websites

Browse through this list of the best house painter websites on the internet. They’re great for inspiration and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We captured a screenshot of the top of the home page as we saw it, so you can see it as we saw it.

It’s important to look beyond the home page, though, which is why we also link to their website. Websites do change, though, which is why we captured our screenshot, so you can see how we saw it. Hopefully, they don’t change for the worse. If they do, we go through this article regularly to make sure we also have the best house painter websites on this list.

BGB Painting – Gilbert, AZ

BGB Painting - Gilbert, AZ

It doesn’t take a lot to build a great website. That is to say, it takes a lot of effort and knowledge, but it doesn’t take a lot of content. That’s harder than it sounds to achieve which is why we have professional web designers. This painting business walked the tightrope to perfect its website with a simple design that also has the right amount of information as well as easy ways for visitors to convert.

The conversion love could have flowed throughout the website a little better, but they still did a good job. It’s easy to find where to get an estimate, call them, or even find some social proof by way of reviews. These are all important aspects of a good house painter’s website. Social media (Instagram) even plays an important role (it doesn’t always) because you can see their current work.

Ramos Painting – San Angelos, TX

Ramos Painting - San Angelos, TX

This website isn’t overly complex or full of too much information. It also has some easy ways for visitors to convert. There’s a persistent phone number, the big red button follows you everywhere, and if that’s not enough then there’s a big contact us button at the top. These all make it easy for visitors to convert.

The look of the website isn’t overly complex or advanced, but it’s enough to make the website look nice and show off its work in subtle ways. There’s also more information always a click away in each section. Our only issue here is that once you click through to an information page, there’s no obvious call-to-action at the end of the content.

Rosewood Painting – Layton, UT

Rosewood Painting - Layton, UT

There’s nothing excessively fancy about this website and not a lot of information right up top. That’s a good thing! Their focus is on getting visitors a free estimate, and it couldn’t be more obvious how to do that. The form even follows you in the header as you scroll down. How cool (and helpful) is that!?

In case you just want to ring someone up, their phone number is available at the top of the screen unless you’re scrolling down. That’s fine, though, because their primary focus is on getting visitors a free estimate. As you scroll down the website is cleanly laid out with all the important information such as services, about them, and testimonials. Testimonials should never be overlooked because they’re one of the most important types of social proof for a website. Trust is essential to every website and their testimonials help to build it.

Turner Painting & Construction – Middletown, OH

Turner Painting & Construction - Middletown - OH

This is possibly one of our favorite of this bunch of the best house painter websites. There’s something about it that’s calming and creates an inner sense of peace. That and it’s extremely easy to scan, uncluttered, and the conversion optimization is superb. The curves and flow of information from one section to the next help you learn more and trust this business.

I think part of what makes this website so amazing is the plentiful white space. There is a buffer everywhere which makes all the information stand out. Everywhere you look is a method to convert, and there is social proof included with both testimonials and an overall aggregate of their work and customer satisfaction.

Korth & Shannahan Painting – Elmsford, NY

Korth & Shannahan Painting - Elmsford, NY

This website isn’t too complex, but it’s attractively put together for the most part. You can always find somewhere to convert whether it’s the phone number or a free estimate. You can see their work, some good testimonials, and the services they provide. What more could you want on a painter’s website?

Steve Cabaniss Painting – Roanoke, VA

Steve Cabaniss Painting - Roanoke, VA

You’ll find judicious use of color on this website, and we must say it works. It stood out more than most websites and gets your cones and rods jamming. The use of color and size helps make important information stand out and easy to find. One thing we particularly love is that they tell you exactly where they serve primarily. Important information is also available, so you don’t have to go hunting.

As you scroll down there is no less use of color than at the top. It’s bright, in your face, and colors continue to get you jazzed. I don’t know if I’d use their website color palette in a house, but it does work on a website. You can tell Steve has a panache for creativity and his website shows it.

Burlett Painting – Hendersonville, NC

Burlett Painting - Hendersonville, NC

You won’t find a lot of content on this website, but that works best sometimes. In fact, less is more couldn’t be more true, especially with this website. Their major call-to-action on the page is also their menu, which isn’t in the typical place. That’s fine, though, because it couldn’t be more evident in the middle of the screen. It couldn’t make it any easier to learn about their business or our favorite, get a quote!

When you scroll down there’s also not a lot of useless content. It’s a simple bit of information with more reinforcement about the service they provide. After all that, the huge call-to-action to contact them is simple and effective. This website is comforting, trustworthy, and speaks for their aesthetic taste which is always welcome when planning the paint colors you’ll be looking at for the next 10 to 20 years.

Schneider Painting – Springdale, AR

Schneider Painting - Springdale, AR

This painter made generous use of social proof on their home page which generates trust and authority. While the website isn’t crazy fancy, it still looks good and the social proof helps encourage visitors to take action. And, action is easy to take with their phone number sprinkled throughout the site. They also laid out their process which is nice, so you know exactly what to expect.

River City Painting Inc. – Spokane, WA

River City Painting Inc. - Spokane, WA

This is a one-page website, but it has everything laid out cleanly and enough to do the job. While it’s usually more helpful for you and visitors to have information broken up into pages, it can still be done well on one page which they have done. Their phone number is easy to find, each link jumps you to the right information on the page, and the fact that they have pictures of some of their staff is a big plus. There’s not a lot on the page, but it’s well organized and is clear with easy ways for visitors to convert.

LIME Painting – St. Louis, MO

LIME Painting - St. Louis, MO

I’m not sure if I’d trust these painters to choose my colors but at the same time, they know how to stand out and their website fits their brand while being well organized and looking nice. There are plenty of ways to convert on their website with free estimate buttons everywhere, including as you scroll down the site.

It’s nice they use social proof sprinkled throughout the website to show that others trust them. And, at the bottom of the website is an interesting lime slice that you can spin and watch video testimonials. Video testimonials are really helpful and take a lot of effort to produce. That makes them more trustworthy and a great addition to any website.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, these amazing house painter websites have inspired you with ideas to take your business to the next level. While these are all amazing websites, not many of them perfect every aspect of their website. Many things need to be considered for a great website, including several elements that should be above the fold on every home page. Yes, not even these websites perfect every part of that, but few do.

We’ve done our best to find the best and give you information on what they’ve done well in addition to what they could do better. This is a great way to learn more about web design and how you can create the best painter website possible.

When you’re ready to take your painting business to the next level, we’d love to work with you on building your website with an affordable website that’s fully turnkey for you. We have several website plans that fit nearly every local small business need with extras that are sure to help you get the most from your website.

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