The 10 Best Handyman Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Handyman Websites On The Internet

A well-built website is a powerful marketing tool for local small businesses. That’s why we put this list of the best handyman websites on the internet together. They’ll give you inspiration and ideas on how you can take your handyman business to the next level with an amazing website.

Finding the best handyman website wasn’t an easy task. It’s one of the first industries where we had difficulty finding enough great websites that we felt lived up to most of our expectations. While some of them still aren’t strong in some categories, they all for the most part can still be considered great websites.

For each handyman’s website, we went beyond just capturing an image of their website. It’s important to look at why these are great websites. That’s why we looked at things like aesthetics, conversion optimization, authority, and more. You’ll find the best handyman websites with a bit of information about why they’re good.

Each of these websites has a lesson on how to build your own handyman website successfully. But, since building a good local website is so complex, it’s always helpful to work with a great web designer that specializes in building local small business websites. Working with a professional web designer is always helpful when you’re trying to make the most of your website. It can help your website become a powerful marketing tool to grow your handyman business online.

You’ll find a path to successfully bringing in new customers with a great website that builds trust and gives you authority. A good website looks good but just as important, is easy for potential customers to convert. That means there are good calls to action, the website looks trustworthy, and more.

Now it’s time to get inspired and filled with ideas of great websites that did at least most of the things right for a great website.

The Best Handyman Websites

We reviewed websites all over the internet in the United States to find the best handyman websites. It’s a great way to get inspiration and ideas for your own website. To help inspire you, we’ve captured the home page in screenshots so you can quickly see each handyman website. So you can see even more about each website, we’ve also linked to the actual website so you can scroll and click around.

Keep in mind that websites change over time, though. That means they can change for the worse also. That’s one reason why we’ve captured screenshots, it’s a point in time with how we saw the website so you can see if they changed the actual website. We revisit this article regularly so we always present the best handyman websites on the internet.

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the best handyman websites and why we think they’re the best.

HandyBee Handyman – Lehigh Valley, PA

HandyBee Handyman - Lehigh Valley, PA

The color scheme of this website is consistent and easy on the eyes. That means there aren’t too many colors and there’s a relatively decent contrast. The call-to-action on the page is also well-placed and easy to find. You can call, text, and get a free quote with some of those options persistent even as you scroll. That’s always good for converting visitors.

One issue we have, though, is that it was obviously designed with a large screen in mind only because for our screen, the call-to-action button was overlapping the navigation which has too many items in it, to begin with. Also, I’m not sure why there’s a Facebook button at the top. Are they advertising their service or Facebook? Overall the website is well put together, though. It’s clean and easy to read as you scroll with pictures that enhance the design.

DJC Handyman LLC – Cape Coral, FL

DJC Handyman LLC - Cape Coral, FL

This website isn’t complex and it doesn’t overdo it too much. It has the right information with enough white space that makes it easy to scan and find what you need. The colors are simple and it’s optimized for conversion. You can call, email, or find important information without even scrolling.

While the aesthetics of this page aren’t spectacular, it’s a simple and nice-looking website that gets the job done well with a clear presentation of information.

Mako Services LLC – Spanish Fort, AL

Mako Services LLC - Spanish Fort, AL

This is another one that while not our favorite, it’s still a good website that hits all the most important parts of a good website. It’s aesthetically clean with lots of white spaces, is easy to read, and information is clearly broken up. You can scroll quickly down the page and find everything you could need including social proof which is always good to include.

There’s also a clear call-to-action at the top to call so it’s easy for visitors to contact the business. Our only issue is the distraction of social icons. Unless they’re for social proof then social media has no place on the home page. That means a review count or rating should be paired with social icons, not just out-of-context icons.

Handy Andy Services – Cedar Rapids, IA

Handy Andy Services - Cedar Rapids, IA

Andy’s our guy for one of our favorite handyman websites. His website is super clean with nothing unneeded on it and a good call-to-action right at the top. Plus, how can you resist that smiling face?

Andy could have made some of the text a bit easier to scan and pull out important information such as where he serves, but overall this is a simple yet effective website design. Sometimes there’s not a lot of information to share and in that case, don’t share much information. The only thing needed is some easier-to-use links such as linking the phone numbers to call to make it easier for visitors.

ACJ Handyman Services – Spanish Fork, UT

ACJ Handyman Services - Spanish Fork, UT

This is another one that we felt didn’t hit all the marks but as far as handyman websites go, it’s one of the best. They just need to work on their call-to-action game. There’s nothing obvious to do at the top and “learn more” isn’t a call to action. It’s especially not a call to action when it links to the footer which only has a contact form.

The overall design of the website is relatively clean, though, and it has a somewhat unique feel. The main menu just needs a bit of cleaning up and a good call to action to make it complete. With a little work, this website could really be a great handyman website that hits all the important points.

Level Handyman – Oklahoma City, OK

Level Handyman - Oklahoma City, OK

Clean. That’s what really catches our eye on this website. It’s the cleanest and easiest to browse website we saw. It helps that there’s one major call to action on the website and they all lead to the same place. We can’t speak for their experience, but it might be ideal to make a phone number a primary call to action also. It seems like a lot of people would have questions they want to talk to someone about.

Bulldog Services – Topeka, KS

Bulldog Services - Topeka, KS

I don’t know how attractive I’d say this website is but it gets the job done. That might be what a bulldog is all about too, though, because that face isn’t attractive but it has a certain cuteness embedded in the ugly. Ugly can be cute especially when it’s different than everything else out there.

While this website isn’t different, it nails the primary purpose of a website. You can call or request a quote right from the top. Then there’s the social proof with reviews and ratings on the home page too. Overall this isn’t the best website in the world, but it’s one of the best handyman websites.

Handyman 2 The Rescue LLC – Kansas City, MO

Handyman 2 The Rescue LLC - Kansas City, MO

Victor made sure his website covered important information right from the start. He’s a handyman who serves the Kansas City metropolitan area. That’s important information right there and the next most important, scheduling an appointment isn’t far behind.

His website definitely shows him in action and you know exactly who you’re getting when you call them. Overall this is a good website that shows friendliness and makes you familiar with doing business with them before even calling. Good job!

Greenbrier Home Improvement – Spokane, WA

Greenbrier Home Improvement - Spokane, WA

This is another website that isn’t the fanciest but it’s just enough different to make it a great design. While we’re not in love with the love they gave a call to action at the top, they do still have them. You can schedule an appointment which is helpful, it just needs to stand out more.

As you scroll down the page, information is laid out clearly and it’s easy enough to scan. Information is available but not all in your face which is refreshing sometimes. Overall this is a cleanly built website with simplicity and not too much information that it overwhelms you.

South Charlotte Handyman – Charlotte, NC

South Charlotte Handyman - Charlotte, NC

This one makes it really obvious where they serve which is one of our favorite features on most websites. Not only that but their phone number is very obvious. It’s nice to have a personal introduction to the owner and a picture to put the name to. Knowing who’s going to show up is always nice, that’s why for service area businesses it’s always a great idea to show pictures of all the staff.

As you scroll down the website it keeps the clean look that separates information and makes it easy to browse. Not to mention, we love that they have reviews broken up nicely with colors. If you prefer forms instead of phones then you have that option too which is always nice.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, these handyman websites have given you some ideas about how you might approach your own websites. Either that or its inspired you to go out there and improve your website. If you’re looking at this article then you probably know the importance of your website. It’s a marketing tool that never closes, never gets sick, and can always be found online. It’s the best employee you could ever have and the most affordable too!

If you’re in the process of spiffing up your handyman business, we’d love to help build your dream marketing tool. Our affordable websites are built to help grow your handyman business online. Paired with some of the local marketing tools we offer, we can help you take your handyman business to the next level online. Not only that, we’re always here for a consultation if you have any questions about local marketing or our services.

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