The 10 Best Hair Salon Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Hair Salon Websites On The Internet

Many hair salons know the importance of a good website. That means we had no problem finding the best hair salon websites on the internet. While some may rely on word of mouth or walk-ins only, we pity those fools because it’s never a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket. What happens when markets shift or if things slow down?

We scoured all the hair salons to find those that care the most about their online presence. They know that whether they get a referral or someone is searching online, a website is central to getting new customers. As we reviewed different websites, we looked for those that balanced aesthetics with conversion optimization.

A good website doesn’t only look pretty, but also is easy for customers to use. That means they have well-placed conversion options, information is obvious, and they’re easy to scan rather than read. These are all things we looked for to find the best websites. Sometimes we found a beautiful website that lacked information or options to convert.

Not all these websites are absolutely perfect, though. There are some that lacked the ideal amount of information or had options to convert, but they weren’t ideal. There’s no such thing as a perfect website, but these websites strive for something better than the rest. Read on to see what the best hair salon websites are and why we think these are the best.

Sometimes websites are updated and changed which is why we captured a screenshot for you. Each one is also linked to the website, so you can see the original. If the website looks different from our screenshot, it’s because they changed their website and unfortunately that’s not always for the best. But, we update this post every year and remove those who change their website for the worse and no longer have the best hair salon website.

Now it’s time for you to get inspired by this list of amazing hair salon websites. It’s a great way to get inspiration, see what others are doing, and take notes for your own website and how to make it amazing too.

The Best Hair Salon Websites

Whether you want to make your website better or you’re redesigning your hair salon websites, this list will help. It’s always a good idea to start a new project with inspiration and ideas of what you like and don’t like.

If you’re working with someone already, I hope they’re good and are asking good question. If you are doing it yourself and run into trouble or need a great web designer, we can build your hair salon an amazing website that gets you more customers and builds trust in your clients.

Get ready to be wowed!

The Hair Studio – Selbyville, DE

The Hair Studio - Selbyville, DE

You can’t go wrong with beautifully bold colors and text that’s easy to read. This website pairs both together with a personal touch of the stylists at the salon. Not only that, but you won’t have any difficulty converting on their website with the option to call or text. The main focus of their website is to introduce you to their team, which is extremely important. They also have plenty of information about their services, and it’s all laid out simple and easy to navigate.

While I wish I could book right on their website, it’s still a great website that’s easy to scan their content and become a client also.

The House Of Oomph – Portsmouth, NH

The House Of Oomph - Portsmouth, NH

There aren’t a lot of things you can do for a different and super-unique website, but The House of Oomph has done it. This website is one of the most unique we’ve seen yet out of all industry websites. The bold use of images with subtle animations helps really make the website flow well. Not only that, but all visuals have the same style and make the design more cohesive than most.

While the side navigation is a bit small, it still has important information such as the ability to call the salon and other important contact information right on any of the pages. Our favorite part? You can book an appointment at their location or their sister company. Everything you need from information to appointment scheduling is right there on their website. There’s also plenty of info to learn about them and to see some of their recent work and info from Instagram.

Overall this is one of the most well done websites of all websites across the internet. It’s functional, beautiful, and simply amazing.

KW Salon – Portsmouth, NH

KW Salon - Portsmouth, NH

Another great website from Portsmouth, this one is subtle yet amazing. The dark theme is used well to make the text and imagery stand out. The subtle parallax effect works well, too, as it’s not overwhelming and helps draw attention to the right content. Our only wish is that the design was a bit more focussed on conversion. While you can get to a lot of information in the navigation, nothing really jumps off the page until you start scrolling.

Fringe Collective – Charlottesville, VA

Fringe Collective - Charlottesville, VA

There’s an ongoing theme on this website, and it adds a lot of unique style to it. The line art drawings are really cool and pair well with the rest of the design and images. Calls-to-action are sprinkled throughout the website which makes it easy to both find what you’re looking for and helps guide visitors to where the salon want them to go. That’s essential to have a conversion-optimized website and something Fringe Collective did well on their website.

All the colors fit well together, and you can see a cohesive brand from their social media to their website. It all fits together well and makes the salon stand apart from competitors. There’s nothing worse than blending in and having clients forget who they were doing business with. That means they’re more likely to go with a competitor next time without even knowing.

Fabu Hair Studio – Bloomington, IN

Fabu Hair Studio - Bloomington, IN

There’s not a lot of complexity to this website, but that’s never a bad thing. A good call-to-action is right up top to contact them, and it’s also easy to find where they’re located as that’s one of the first things you see as you scroll down the home page. While there could be a bit more information and examples on their homepage, it’s still well done and a great place to start.

Because the website looks great and has the necessities, among other hair salon websites we still think it’s one of the best.

The Salty Blonde GTX – Galveston, TX

The Salty Blonde - Galvestone, TX

From unique icons to imagery that impresses, this website has a lot going for it. She may be salty, but her website sure isn’t. Her main focus for conversion is to get visitors to call, which is why the call button stands out. But, in case that’s not what you want, and you need to learn a bit more, that’s available too! Learn more about The Salty Blonde, Lindsey, and what makes her salon the top choice for you.

We love the flow of the website and the simple color palette that mostly focuses on the imagery. Imagery is an important part of a hair salon website which is top-notch throughout the website. Even the icons have a unique look that makes you remember who your favorite stylist is. Not to mention there’s a testimonials section which is important. If anyone is going to touch my hair (if I had any) then I’d want to know what others think too. The website has it all and is an excellent example of a great hair salon website.

Boom Swagger Salon – Missoula, MT

Boom Swagger Salon - Missoula, MT

This website is a simple yet effective website with bold and beautiful blocks of information as you scroll. It lacks a cohesive structure around conversion but is still a good website. It seems their primary goal is informational, which it’s effective at doing. I just wish it were easier to find contact information or at least get to a form to schedule an appointment. They have the look and some necessary information, but there’s definitely room for improvement.

Even the best sometimes has the need to do even better.

Magic Cutz – Tracy, CA

Magic Cutz - Tracy, CA

It’s easy to contact this salon, just not quite as easy to book online. The overall design of this website is simple and cohesive, which makes it easy to browse and find what you’re looking for. It’s possible to book online, but the link is somewhat buried in the main navigation. Our one big recommendation is to pull the booking link out and make it an actionable call-to-action.

We still like the design of this website and while not the best of the best, it’s still one of the best hair salon websites on the internet. It’s easy-to-navigate layout and ease of finding some of their contact info make it a good website overall.

Vanity Hair Studio – Bellingham, WA

Vanity Hair Studio - Bellingham, WA

Simple almost always wins out for web design because it brings the focus of important information forward. Too much busyness drowns out the important content of a website and this one definitely didn’t do that. The most important call-to-action, book now, is front in center in a color you just can’t miss. The pink on black creates a great deal of contrast, which is essential for important pieces of information.

The website is heavily based on imagery that makes their work stand out and introduces you to their team also. We just wish we could see all their faces! Nothing on this website is boring. Even the imagery is laid out in a way that’s interesting and makes it stand out. Nothing follows a grid too closely with visual interest embedded into every image. Images are even used creatively in order to create a nice flow from section to section.

Gold Comb Salon – Bellingham, WA

Gold Comb Salon - Bellingham, WA

While we already had a website from Bellingham, we couldn’t resist this one also. It was down to a few websites, and we just couldn’t whittle down our list past two. Why couldn’t we resist this website? Because it took simplicity to a whole other level with absolutely nothing but an image and the name of the salon. That definitely piques interest. We had to keep scrolling which introduces you to their team and even allows you to book with your favorite.

This is a good lesson that a good call-to-action right at the top is not always necessary for a conversion-oriented website. Sometimes you may need to scroll to it, but a good website will make you want to scroll. There isn’t a lot on this website to distract you which can be a good thing. It’s easy to find the right stylist and their contact information, two important pieces of information that people are looking for.

Wrap Up

Hopefully you’ve come away with some ideas for what you can do with your hair salon website. If you don’t know where to go next, or you’re stuck, we build amazing websites for an affordable price. If you have questions, though, we’re also just a consultation away from answering all your questions and getting your hair salon website going.

Keep in mind that none of these hair salon websites are perfect but after reviewing hundreds of websites across the United States, they’re still the best. We’re always looking to keep this list up-to-date, though, so we’ll regularly revisit it and update as necessary.

Keep in mind that to end up with a great hair salon website it needs to be unique, easy to browse, be conversion oriented, and have information customers would be looking for. If you can manage to do these things at a minimum, then you’re on your way to having a great hair salon website that will rank in search engines and bring you more customers from the internet.

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