The 10 Best Electrician Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Electrician Websites On The Internet

These electricians know the importance of their website for new and returning customers. They’re also a great way to get inspired and give you ideas about what other electricians are doing to improve their online presence.

We’ve scoured the internet for you to save you time and show you the best of the best. As we reviewed hundreds of websites, we looked at both aesthetics and conversion optimization. A great-looking website is nothing without being optimized to convert visitors into leads. Likewise, a website that’s perfectly optimized for conversion yet looks horrible won’t give visitors the trust they need to convert.

So, these websites have the perfect balance between the two, and we’ll tell you why. Each amazing electrician website has a screenshot, so you can see it as we saw it. But, since there’s more to a website than can be captured in a screenshot, we’ve also included the link to the website. Just keep in mind that websites do change. That means the actual website could be very different from when we saw it for better or for worse. That’s why we review the best electrician websites yearly to make sure this list is fresh for you.

We know the process of building a new website takes a while, and it all starts with inspiration. Hopefully these websites help inspire you, give you ideas, and when you’re ready to work with a great local web design agency that specializes in local small business websites, we’re here for you.

Go through these electrician websites and see if there’s anything that fancies your eye. Once you’re ready to start on your website, make sure you check out our affordable website plans first thing. If you already have a web designer squared away, or you’re braving trying to do it yourself (good luck!) then these websites are a good start.

The Best Electrician Websites

Now it’s time to scan the list of the best electrician websites on the internet. Make sure you check out the screenshots we captured as well as visit the actual website for the full picture.

Also, ready why we think each one of these is an amazing website and belongs on this list. It’s helpful to see exactly what each website has done well and what they can improve. Even the best websites can use improvement so review everything, don’t fall into the same trap they did.

Now onwards to the best electrician websites on the internet!

Sadler Electric, Inc. – Omaha, NE

Sadler Electric, Inc. - Omaha, NE

All the information someone might need for this website is clearly laid out and easy to find. This website is built for skimming with plenty of white space plus clearly defined sections that make it easy to scroll through fast. Their phone number is easily available right at the top of the page which makes it easy to contact them.

The only issue we have is that the menu is a bit tight against the logo. A quick centering of the menu section would help take care of this issue. Otherwise, the website is easy to use, and the visuals support the overall message well.

3D Electric – Park City, KS

3D Electric - Park City, KS

While this website isn’t solely an electrician website (trying to be too many things), it’s still well-built and information to convert is easy to find. At the top of the page you can quickly get a quote or call. It would be nice if the social media icons weren’t there to distract from the calls-to-action, though. Are they trying to get visitors to what they want or are they trying to drive them away?

The website is friendly enough as you scroll down even if not visually outstanding. It’s still clean and simple with supportive visuals that look nice.

A1 Electrical Contractors Inc. – Harvey, LA

A1 Electrical Contractors Inc. - Harvey, LA

This website is a testament to how little content is really needed to accomplish the goal of a website. Some well-placed visuals, good buttons, and the necessary info only can make for a great website. Nobody reads through a website anyway, so what’s it really for? Probably search engines, but the home page isn’t necessarily the best for ranking anyway.

That’s why this website is perfect in so many ways. The menu takes care of getting you where you need to go if you’re looking for information. The other buttons take care of the rest because visitors can take action to request service no matter where they are on the website. The entire home page and rest of the website is just as well-thought-out with simplicity and visuals.

Smartron Electric – Orlando, FL

Smartron Electric - Orlando, FL

You don’t have to look far for the most important information for this electrician. You can always find their phone number right at the top. If that’s not your preferred method of contacting them, there’s a short form at the top that’s easy to find and easy to complete. Everything on the website also looks simple and well-designed with blocks that help direct attention.

The entire website isn’t too complex and doesn’t have too much information. That’s okay, though, because it has the perfect balance between information and clarity with an overall great layout.

Jason H. Pope Electrical Contractors – Raleigh, NC

Jason H. Pope Electrical Contractors - Raleigh, NC

One of the best features of this website is that no matter where you are, there’s a schedule now button within short reach. The design and colors are consistent, pleasing, and best of all simple. There are no huge blocks of text that are hard to read, either. In case you just have a question and aren’t ready to schedule, the phone number is always with you as you scroll down.

The website isn’t overly complex, but that’s a benefit to visitors, not a drawback. Too much information scares people away. That’s why this website is the perfect balance of having what visitors need while not overwhelming them.

Haas & Sons Electric – Pasadena, MD

Haas & Sons Electric - Pasadena, MD

This is one of those websites that are memorable and masterful. A lot of thought went into this website to create a unique brand with a memorable look. Not only that, but good conversion information is available everywhere. You can find the phone number right at the top as well as a request service button.

The branding of the website never takes a break all the way to the bottom of the website. They also tapped into their reputation with some amazing social proof that urges you to work with them. While the design is complex, it works well and all sections of the website are clear and laid out well. There’s no problem scanning the website to find what you need and learn more about them.

C&R Electric Inc. – Curtis Bay, MD

C&R Electric Inc. - Curtis Bay, MD

We again found ourselves in Maryland with this amazing electrician website. This one isn’t nearly as complex in design but what it lacks in uniqueness, it more than makes up for with conversion and finding the information you need. There are the two main conversion options at the top with a phone number and schedule service button. Even better, there’s a chat agent on their website always ready to schedule for you or answer basic questions.

You’ll find color and clarity all the way throughout the website. The block of buttons at the top are helpful because the main topics of interest from visitors are always a click away.

Nightingale Electrical Ltd. – Richmond, BC

Nightingale Electrical Ltd. - Richmond, BC

Just north of the border we found the friendly looking Nightingale Electrical. The website is interactive, friendly, and clearly laid out with plenty of ways to convert. At both the top and bottom of their website is the same 24-hour service request link with their phone number. That makes it obvious they offer emergency service.

If you need to learn more, there’s plenty of information that’s presented in a stunning visual way. Wires and people in hard hats and vests never looked so great! There’s not a lot we’d improve about this website.

Action Electric Inc. – Sparks, NV

Action Electric Inc. - Sparks, NV

Websites don’t get much simpler than this but at the same time, effective. The focus really falls on the calls-to-action which is perfect for a website thats focus is to get more clients. Whether you just want to find them, call them, or get a quote, then you’re not far away. You can also see more about their projects and see what services they provide.

It’s not an overly complex website or overly sophisticated in design, but it does the job in a visually pleasing way. It’s simplicity at its best.

Star Electric – Kalispell, MT

Star Electric - Kalispell, MT

The color scheme of this website is great for dark mode, no change necessary! But it works really well with the black and transparent black fills. Those they service are the primary focus of this website which is fine as long as each of the pages are optimized for conversion. They are somewhat conversion-oriented, but you do have to scroll a bit for the form.

Design was the focus of this website but with a little conversion optimization, it could be the whole package. The phone number and get estimate options are small, but they are there. So, while this website isn’t perfect, it has the elements there to be simply amazing with a few minor adjustments.

Wrap Up

Now that you’ve seen some of the best electrician websites on the internet, are you ready to take yours to the next level? If you are, we’re here ready to work with you and put your electrician website on the map. We’ll help you build a professional website that’s also affordable. The best part is, we build every website to be both visually appealing AND conversion-oriented.

Once you’ve browsed these websites and gathered some ideas, it’s time to gather the information your web designer will need. With some basics you can have an amazing website that gains trust with your customers and will deliver more leads to your business.

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