The 10 Best Chiropractor Websites On The Internet In 2022

The Best Chiropractor Websites On The Internet

Get inspired to build an amazing chiropractor website with these examples of some of the best chiropractor websites on the internet. We surfed (pun intended, see below) the internet to find the best of the best that offer both aesthetically pleasing websites and conversion-optimized websites.

The best websites hit most of the important points for these two items. A beautiful website without being optimized to convert visitors into clients is just as useless as a conversion-optimized website that is ugly and untrustworthy. Although, you could argue that even the best calls-to-action aren’t conversion oriented unless they are well-designed because design is an essential part of conversion.

Trust leads to conversion and a professional and beautiful website builds trust. That’s why we looked for important aspects of a Chiropractor website to find those that did most things well. While we don’t claim they’re all perfect, they’re the best we found on the internet, and they’re here to help you.

So, get inspired, and use them as examples of what you could do to improve your Chiropractor website and gain more clients in the process. These websites build trust with their clientele and also help them get found by new clients. A well-built website can work wonders in attracting the right clientele and converting them into clients who will pay more for a reputable Chiropractor.

Our mission is to bring the inspiration to you while also sharing our affordable web design service. We always focus on building beautiful and professional websites while also focusing on the important conversion elements that will help bring in more clients. Things like our booking calendar and social proof work wonders for building trust and making your chiropractic website become a lead generating powerhouse.

Enough chit-chat about why we do this and how we did this. It’s time to get into the best Chiropractor websites on the internet, so you can get inspired and see how you want to be represented online instead of looking like this…

A generic Google Business Page website for a (trustworthy?) chiropractor.
A generic Google Business Page

The Google Business Page is free and basic, which tells a poor story for potential clients. It’s a great way to attract exactly the wrong clientele.

So, onwards to those Chiropractors who are doing things right and know how to get the right clientele.

The Best Chiropractor Websites

This list includes some of the best chiropractor websites on the internet. Use them to inspire your own website and offer a better direction to grow your practice and get more clients. Your website is typically your practice’s first impression. You can either choose to make a good impression or a bad impression (like the chiropractor above).

We want you to make a great impression which is why we put together this list of awesome chiropractor websites.

Spencer Chiropractic – Santa Barbara, CA

Spencer Chiropractic - Santa Barbara, CA

How fitting is this website for Santa Barbara? We’d say it’s pretty fitting and also well put together. While it’s somewhat obviously a template website which makes it far from perfect, it’s still well put together and has those easy calls to action for potential clients. The main action they’re trying to drive is phone calls, which is easy to see.

It’s also nice that the website has some accessibility features built in, which is essential for every business serving the public. The color scheme is gentle and beautiful with a seamless look all the way down the page. Overall a great website and easy to navigate even if not set up well for SEO.

Wellness Collective – Mesa, AZ

Wellness Collective - Mesa, AZ

Simple and basic is sometimes the best medicine, just like a good adjustment. This website hits the spot exactly on the perfect balance with a personal touch of making sure you know exactly who is going to help you. It has a friendly vibe while definitely sticking to a nice color scheme that fits well with Mesa, Arizona.

Overall this website is beautiful, easy to browse, and so simple to convert it’s impossible not to. You can either book right on their website or send a message directly to them. The only thing that could be easily ditched is the social icons right at the top. Your website should be a final destination, not a way to send visitors to competing websites that can draw clients away from you. That’s not a big enough deal to negatively impact the overall beauty and conversion optimization of this website, though.

Aurora Central Chiropractic – Aurora, CO

Aurora Central Chiropractic - Aurora, CO

This website is amazing displaying both simplicity and complexity on the same screen. How? I’m glad you asked… The video auto-plays on this page when you’re on a desktop, and it does a good job of getting you in the mood to be adjusted. That’s the complexity. The simplicity? The text is limited with easy-to-read chunks, and it’s easy to convert.

The focus for visitors is acutely guided towards booking with all other content falling to the background in the menu or having to scroll down. As you scroll, the vibe of the website remains consistent with easy-to-scan text and plenty of visuals. The website really flows well and visitors’ attention is well guided.

First Choice Chiropractic – Ann Arbor, MI

First Choice Chiropractic - Ann Arbor, MI

While this website is a bit more complex than some, the clear information along the top helps a lot. Some of the most commonly sought-after information is just a hover away. Not only that, but this website is entirely accessible with the toolbar. There’s plenty of information for current patients and for new patients, a special offer waiting for them!

As you scroll down the website, the nice aesthetic of it continues with information laid out nicely. The calls to action continue down the page also, which is helpful, so visitors don’t have to scroll too much to find them. Overall this is a great website that’s good aesthetically and is well optimized for conversion.

Cuse Chiro – Syracuse, NY

Cuse Chiro - Syracuse, NY

While the scrolling on a desktop is kind of jerky, this website is too good to ignore. It’s modern, sleek, and has some big, beautiful calls to action with an easy way to schedule online. The bold colors make the website a pleasure to look at, and it’s consistent and pleasurable all the way down as you scroll.

It’s nice that the animations aren’t too overdone because sometimes those can get a bit disorienting. Overall this is a well-done website that looks good and is clear for visitors.

Lipinski Chiropractic – Frederick, MD

Lipinski Chiropractic - Frederick, MD

This website is extremely effective at being clear, bold, and obvious. The right information is easy to find which in their case is their phone number. And, for new patients, there’s a special offer that’s bold and easy to find. Overall this website is a good balance between simplicity and conversion.

Lovejoy Chiropractic Center – Athens, GA

Lovejoy Chiropractic Center - Athens, GA

While you can’t schedule an appointment directly online, they’re clear about how to schedule an appointment, which is just as good. You’ll find a consistent color scheme throughout this website with shades of red and clear information. Sometimes the best websites are the simplest with bold, clear colors and text that’s readable and scannable.

As you scroll down this website it doesn’t get any more complex and remains easy to read. You’ll find important information with patient testimonials and a clear call to action. Perfection in simplicity.

Teays Valley Chiropractic – Hurricane, WV

Teays Valley Chiropractic - Hurricane, WV

You get a nice feeling for their office with a video that doesn’t take away from but rather adds to the website quite a bit. Video is often a burden on a website, but it helps to add a personal touch in this situation. It’s easy to know what you need to do, call! And, you’ll notice plenty of social proof and additional information as you scroll.

A website that provides information, introduction, and makes it easy to convert is a well-built website. If it does it with beauty also then the website represents the business well and will make a great first impression. That’s exactly what this website accomplishes all the way to the bottom.

Bodyworks Chiropractic – Meridian, ID

Bodyworks Chiropractic - Meridian, ID

Some of the best websites on the internet don’t have a lot to them. It’s sometimes more difficult to simplify than it is to add. This website sticks to that reality with simplicity and the right information where it needs to be. The only thing we’d do at the top is remove the social media icons.

Other than that, it’s easy to convert for current patients as well as new patients. You’ll find information clearly laid out all the way down the page in a scannable format. The calls to action sprinkled throughout the page also helps to always have the right information in front of visitors at all times.

Kirby Chiropractic & Wellness – Wilmington, NC

Kirby Chiropractic & Wellness - Wilmington, NC

You won’t find any unnecessary information at the top of this website. There’s nothing to distract and overwhelm visitors, which is the ideal situation. The most important info is always available at the top even as you scroll. That is, you can immediately call, book an appointment online, or see any special offers they have.

As you scroll down the website, the information is clear, concise, and well presented in a scannable format.

Wrap Up

Everybody knows first impressions are invaluable. These chiropractors know that which is why they’ve invested the time and money into building a great website. A website can communicate that you don’t take your practice seriously or are even a fly-by-night operation or communicate you take it seriously and care about your patients.

We know the importance of web design which is why we put this list of the best chiropractor websites together. That’s also what we’ve dedicated ourselves to. Our focus is to build you a professional and effective website that ranks in search and converts visitors. We build affordable websites for local small businesses to help you get more patients online.

If you’re ready to take your practice as seriously as these chiropractors, we’d love to work with you and improve your website. These chiropractor websites are a great start to get inspiration and see how you might want to build your website.

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