The 10 Best Auto Repair Shop Websites On The Internet In 2022

The 10 Best Auto Repair Shop Websites on The Internet

A website can really push your business to the next level of looking professional and awesome. A well-built auto repair shop website will build trust with customers, show why you’re the best choice, and be the difference between getting more customers online and chasing them away.

This list of the best auto repair shop websites is the best of the best when it comes to visual appeal. Of course, a website is more than just how it looks. Does it have the right message? Does it explain who you are and what you do well succinctly? Etc.

Let’s just focus on how awesome these websites look which means they must have put some effort into designing them (or paid perfect it). There are lots of great web designers out there who can create an awesome website. Few can build you the perfect website to rank locally and get more customers, though.

Our specialty is helping your local business reach more customers online. That’s why our auto repair shop website design while also paying attention to the important local small business marketing aspect of things. Our specialty is building awesome local business websites that will rank and bring in more customers.

The 10 Best Auto Repair Shop Websites

After sifting through hundreds of websites, we came up with the top auto repair websites around the internet. We ran into dead links, websites that actually only forwarded to a Facebook page (are they advertising Facebook?), and sites that looked like they were designed 20 years ago. It was pretty rough finding the best of the best, but we did it!

Now for the most awesome auto repair shop websites we found on the internet. This is no easy task so be sure to marvel in their awesomeness and appreciate that you don’t have to scour the internet.

The Auto Shop

The Auto Shop - Phoenix, Arizona

This one is by far the most unique auto repair website we found in our journey to find the best. The logo alone is really cool and has that cool retro vibe. You’ll be satisfied by the website with the vibe continuing all the way to the bottom.

Our favorite part of The Auto Shop website is that where they serve couldn’t be more obvious (which is extremely important online) and the call to action is great. The most important actions are front and center, so customers can see who they’re working with and how to do it.

Christian Brothers

Christian Brothers

There are a lot of poorly designed automotive websites that are bland and too corporate looking, especially for nationwide brands. This isn’t one of those.

Christian Brothers Automotive has shops in almost every state in the United States and their website still works incredibly well. You can easily find the location nearest you and what they can help you with.

They made an auto repair shop website work and at a national level, too. We found this one from Sugar Land, Texas because we love building affordable websites for Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.

Jay Barkers Auto Repair Service

Jay Barkers Auto Repair Service - Louisville, Kentucky

Jay Barkers Auto Repair Service is a well-done website with all the most important information right up top. The only piece that’s not as prominent as it could be (such as in the title) is where they serve. So, maybe instead of “family owned & operated since 1977”, it might say “family owned & operated in Louisville, KY since 1977”.

Not a huge deal considering how well done the rest of the website looks. Even the call to action is well done, making it easy to schedule an appointment or simply call. Hours? Got em right up front and center.

Otto Haus

Otto Haus - Charleston, South Carolina

The Otto Haus website was designed with simplicity and clarity in mind, and it shows. Their website makes an amazing first impression from top to bottom. While I’m not sure where they serve at first glance, it becomes clear later in the site and the domain kind of helps a bit too.

They definitely represent Charleston, South Carolina auto repair shops to the max.

Nelson’s Green Garage

Nelson's Green Garage - Minneapolis, Minnesota

This Minneapolis auto repair shop did something really special with the color scheme that matches the name to bold visuals that are easy to read and make it easy to schedule service. Nelson’s Green Garage has a great website that looks professional and trustworthy like you’d want to do business with them.

The website is simple if you break it down to the basics, but it’s clear and easy to understand. As you scroll down the front page, everything is laid out well and covers the important basics of an auto repair shop.

T&E Auto Repair & Sales

T&E Auto Repair & Sales in Rochester, NY

We found the T&E Auto Repair & Sales website to be pleasing to the eye and functional too. The angles really make it feel unique, and it’s pretty easy to find a way to contact them. On the header and the main call to action is an easy to click phone number button that also calls the business if you tap it on a smartphone.

As you scroll down the home page you’ll find that the website continues to look great and is easy to skim. What do they do? That’s pretty easy to determine as you scroll. Overall, this is a great website that combines uniqueness with simplicity.

Larsen’s Auto Repair

Larsen's Auto Repair - Provo, Utah

This website is simple and laid out in a way that’s easy to read and understand. The only thing Larsen’s Auto could improve content-wise is their call to action and the location they serve. The area code may give their location away, though (Provo, UT). We love building affordable websites in Provo, Utah, but someone else built this one, and they did a good job with simplicity.

One other thing we’d change: get rid of the email address and splurge a few dollars for professional email & apps. It’s not very expensive and worth every dollar to put the final touches on an otherwise awesome looking website.

The Mechanic Spot

The Mechanic Spot - Nashville, Tennessee

The Mechanic Spot has a nice vibe throughout with its simple messaging and skimmability. The most important information is front and center right up top too with clear navigation that’s easy to navigate and understand.

Verdugo Tires & Auto Repair

Verdugo Tires & Auto Repair - Burbank, California

Verdugo Tires & Auto Repair website looks great and a lot of effort was made to make a template website look more unique. It was successful and we like the results. Information is clear and succinct, and it’s easy to schedule an appointment.

The only update needed? Where do they serve?

Burbank is the answer to that question, by the way. We like building affordable websites in Burbank, California and, as of right now, this website is a great one.

Tires Direct

Tires Direct - Sacramento, California

You’ll find all their store locations and what they can do for you easy to see and understand. Tires Direct did a good job laying everything out and simplifying what could be a complex website.

There are a few things that are slightly off, but overall the website is well-built and crystal clear. We’re somewhat partial to where they serve too because we build affordable websites in Sacramento, California too.

Your Own Awesome Website

You’ve seen some of the best auto repair websites we found on the internet. These websites have helped these businesses reach the top spots in search engine ranks for auto repair shops.

It doesn’t have to cost you as much as it did them to get a well-optimized and awesome website, though. We can build you an awesome auto repair shop website for your business that will help you rank in searches better and get more local customers.

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