How To Run A Review Generation Campaign

The power of reputation management comes in when you get to acquire more reviews for your business. Responding to reviews is essential but reminding people they can review your business is essential. Few people will remember to review your business on their own let alone know where to go to do so.

That’s why you need to run a review generation campaign regularly to make sure you are getting the reviews that will bring your business to the top of listings. That means getting seen more!

Loclweb Marketing makes it easy to generate new reviews whether you’ve connected your business to directory sites or no. Here’s how to edit your review generation template and then run a review generation campaign (click that link to jump right to run a campaign).

Edit Your Review Generation Campaign Template

Personalizing your review generation campaign templates ensure that you’re sending emails to customers that sound like they came from you. It should fit your brand and style so you’re talking directly to your customers.

The first email sent will be customized when you create a review generation campaign. The template will help you customize followup emails to send customers after the first review request email.

Here’s how to set up your template. You’ll need to log into your Loclweb Marketing dashboard first.

Step 1: Click on the Review Generation tab.

Step 2: Click on the Campaign Settings link.

Step 3: Choose how many days after the first request to send a followup email. It’s a good idea not to follow up too soon so two is a good number of days.

Step 4: DO NOT change this email address. It should always be [email protected]

Step 5: If your business email address isn’t in there, update this field so if a customer replies they will receive your email.

Step 6: Personalize your email subject to catch the customer’s attention and get them to open the email.

Step 7: Write a custom message introducing the purpose of this email and asking them to take action.

Step 8: Elaborate on the purpose of the email and let them know to choose a review site they’re comfortable with.

Step 9: Choose the number of days until the final review email reminder.

Step 10: Complete the information in this section similar to steps 4 to 8 above.

Step 11: Click the Save Settings button.

Step 12: Click the Review Generation Stats link to go back to the main review generation page.

That’s it! Your review generation email templates are saved for all future review generation campaigns. You can change the template at any time but you don’t have to, the system will always use your templates.

Now you need to start a review generation campaign.

Run A Review Generation Campaign

Every time you have a few customers (or maybe several) you should send out a campaign to generate more reviews. It’s a good idea not to send a review generation campaign out with too many customers. A huge number of reviews coming in at one time is suspicious for many review sites.

Running a review generation campaign weekly is a good idea unless you have dozens of customers to send to on a daily basis.

Here’s how to run a review generation campaign with Loclweb Marketing.

Step 13: Click the Create New Campaign button.

Step 14: Fill out all fields EXCEPT the From Email field, this should always be [email protected]

Step 15: If you’ve connected Loclweb Marketing to some of your business profiles you’ll see a review site or two here that you can select to request reviews from. You can also provide links directly to any other review site you’d like by clicking the Add another review site manually link.

Note: You can add up to two review sites per email sent. Any more and your customers will have too many choices.

Step 16: If you’re also sending an SMS message to some of your customers, modify this message to fit your needs.

Step 17: Choose which review site to send with the link in your text message. Only one can be sent in a text.

Step 18: Name the campaign or leave this blank for an auto-generated name.

Step 19: Input your customers’ first name and either an email address or text number.

Note: The phone number for texts must include the full phone number with country code (1 for the United States), area code, and phone number.

Step 20: Add as many customers as you’d like by clicking this link.

Note: If you have a large list of customers you can download the CSV template, input your customer information, and then upload it.

Step 21: Click the Launch Campaign button.

That’s it! You can click the Review Generation tab again to refresh the page and review the stats of your campaign which is shown below. Keep in mind that it can take a few minutes to send out your campaign so please be patient.

Those you chose to email the review campaign to will receive an email that looks like this.

Review generation initial email to customer.

They can choose either site to leave a review on and if they don’t open or click on the Write a review button then they will receive the followup emails which will increase the chance they will see your email at a good time and leave you a (great) review.

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