Why did I not receive an email from you?

There are many reasons why you may not have received a response from us within the normal window of response. They have to do with either technical issues or user interface issues from some email providers (we love you Gmail but we’re looking at you).

No matter the reason you didn’t receive our email, adding [email protected] to your safe sender’s list (or contacts) will help ensure all emails from us are delivered in the future.

These are the two main reasons we see why people didn’t receive our email.

1) Spam Folder

This one can (and does often) happen with any email provider. Many spam filters are a bit too gung-ho about stopping spam that many good emails get caught in their filters.

In Gmail (the image to the right) you can check your spam folder by

  1. Click the More button.
  2. Click on the Spam folder.

From there you can tell Gmail that an email isn’t spam. If you do that then it’ll be less likely to tag it as spam in the future.

Gmail Folder List - Spam Folder

When you click on an email in your spam folder (in Gmail only) you’ll see this large dark box at the top of it. Click the Report not spam button and it’ll go into your inbox (or possibly in a Gmail tab which is covered below).

Gmail Report not spam button.

2) Gmail Tabs

Love them or hate them, they’re the culprit for many a lost emails. If you don’t know about the Gmail tabs then you’re likely not received a lot of emails you’re expecting.

Gmail Tabs

Along the top of your Gmail inbox you’ll see the tabs in the image above. Gmail tries its best to categorize your incoming emails into each of these tabs. If Gmail does that then you’ll never see the email in your Primary inbox.

Gmail sends many emails (rightly or not) to the tabs so unless you click over to the tab they will disappear forever.

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