When do I get paid from your affiliate program?

Payments are made on the 15th of every month for approved referrals. Each referral you make is immediately placed into our system as pending. The referral will be marked as approved once the grace period has passed which is 60 days for sign-up fees.

The reason for this grace period is that we have a 60-day guarantee. While we haven’t had anybody use the guarantee yet, we do need this grace period to pass before we can release the payment for the referral.

Referrals you earn from recurring client fees will be approved without the 60-day grace period once the 60-day grace period from sign up passes. The 60-day grace period is only for new clients because of our guarantee.

There’s also a $50 minimum for referral payout to our affiliates. The good news there is that will happen on your first referral. After that, you will get a payout any time you reach $50.

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