Configure The Google Tag Manager Plugin For Your Website

Before you can configure the Google Tag Manager plugin you’ll need to have it activated. You can do this by contacting us with a request. We’ll enable Google Tag Manager for your dashboard within 24 hours.

Once your Google Tag Manager is activated you can head over to your WordPress admin login by typing your website URL in the browser with a /wp-admin/ at the end. So, it will look like this in your browser:

YLBO WordPress Admin Dashboard URL

Now you can start the configuration process below.

Step 1: Hover over or click on the Settings menu item in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Step 2: Click on the Google Tag Manager option to open the settings.

Step 3: Copy your container ID from Google Tag Manager and paste it into the Google Tag Manager ID box in your WordPress admin dashboard.

Step 4: Select the Codeless injection option.

Step 5: Click the Save Changes button and wait for WordPress to save these settings.

That’s it for the basic configuration! There are many other options you can configure and enable but most other options you will not need to change.

Google Tag Manager Configuration Step 1 Google Tag Manager Configuration Step 2
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