Search Engine Optimization

Your website comes with a lot of features including basic search engine optimization (SEO) built right in. Enhanced SEO will improve your rank in search engines. Every page will be created with a unique title and description that will make sure your website does better in search engines.

Our expertise in web design also extends to expertise in optimizing for search also. We know every important piece to get your website ranking higher and faster. From schema to titles, we'll make sure your website is optimized and indexed quickly and accurately in Google and Bing.

What You Get With Enhanced Site SEO

Title Optimization

The title is the first thing people see in search results. How well your title is optimized decides whether someone clicks on your website or passes it over for another. We will optimize the title of each page on your website for maximum engagement and the rank of your pages in search engines.

Description Optimization

The description is prominent right after the title in search results. It's the sales pitch for your website and contributes to ranking well and encouraging searchers to click. We'll optimize your meta description with helpful information about each page of your website.

Search Tools Setup

We'll free you from being in the dark about your website. With information from Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, you'll be in a powerful position to increase your website rank. You can see how you rank in search results, what keywords to optimize for, and if anything is harming your search rank. You'll get tons of valuable information about how you're performing in search results and where you can make valuable improvements that will get you more customers.

Console Analytics Connection

You'll learn valuable information about how your website is being used in search results. With Google Search Console connected to Google Analytics, you'll have more power to improve your website in your hands. At a glance, you can see how people find your website and tons more. You'll see what page visitors land on and where on your website they go. It'll be easy for you to make good decisions about what needs to be improved in order to get more customers.

Followup Indexing Review

We'll follow up 30 days after your website has been submitted to search engines and indexed properly. If any major issues were found, we'll fix them and make sure everything gets resolved properly. This will ensure your website ranks the best it can and nothing is holding it back from its full potential.

How Do I Get It?

Our affordable web design process is easy. Choose your website plan and checkout. When you're at the final checkout screen you can choose extras to improve your website.

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